SRA Digital Solutions develops all websites with responsive designs. Having a website that is compatible with all devices is crucial. Your rankings depend on it with mobile search results. Ensuring your website is not only user-friendly for your visitors, but is also compliant with the search engines like Google and others is critical. SRA Digital covers these areas to ensure the best results.


Responsive designs are compatible with pretty much all devices. When a visitor comes to your website, responsive design automatically detects and adjusts for the best user experience. It does not matter if it is a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or other devices visitors will be able to navigate and find what they want easily.

Adaptive designs are not necessarily compatible with all devices. There is extra programming needed in order to ensure a website is compatible with specific devices. With adaptive designs, if a website has not been pre-programmed to be compatible with a specific device the website may not layout nicely. This can cause many visitors to a website to leave and go elsewhere.

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